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Honda CG125 but also some universal motorcycle information

Honda CG125 Running Costs

You can work out the running costs of the motorcycle, the following are with UK prices.

I should warn you that seeing all the running costs might be a shock.
You will either realise it's very, very cheap to run, or you will think it's very expensive,
since you have not seen the costs of another bike or car.

If you do the calculations on a large bike or car, you will find the Honda CG125 is very, very cheap.

The average miles per year for any UK motorcycle is around 2500 miles,
I entered 5000 in this example, but you can change it with a calculator.
The numbers in this example are from the Honda CG125 front disc brake model, they are not exact.

Fuel consumption varies dramatically based on your average speed.
With only a leather coat and nothing else from Improving Performance page.
I got 87 mpg if I pushed the Front Disc brake model flat out.
I got 124 mpg if I kept the speed down to 40 mph in 5th gear.
I got around 105 mpg if I kept the speed down to 50 mph in 5th gear.

In very strong head wind the throttle would be all most flat out at 50 mph in 5th gear.
4th gear would give better fuel economy since throttle would only be 1/4 open.
Normally higher revs means worse fuel consumption, but in this case it does not.
But make sure you stay below peak power.
Acceleration has little effect on the fuel consumption since the bike is lightweight.

Insurance can also vary dramatically from around £75 to well over £200

Petrol 142.9p a litre 142.9p * 4.54 = 649p a UK gallon
      Per Mile
Fuel Economy 100 mpg   6.49p (649p / 100mpg)
Oil £10 1750 0.57p (£10 / 1750)
Sparkplug £4 2500 0.16p
Chain Lube £9 12000 0.08p
Tyres £110.00 10000 1.10p
    Total 1.91p
Miles / year   5000 £420 (6.49p + 1.91p) * 5000
      Per Year
Insurance     £150.00
Road Tax     £16.00
MOT     £30
Breakdown     £0.00
Bike Devaluation     £75.00
    Total per Year £271
    Per Day £0.74
    Per Week £5.21
  Final Total per Year £420 + £271 £691
  Final Total per Day £691 / 365 £1.89
  Final Total per Week £691 / 52 £13.28