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Honda CG125 but also some universal motorcycle information

Honda CG125 Owners Club

I have also created a combined Honda CBF125 Honda CBR125 Yamaha YBR125 Owners Club

This website is the only one that supports the Honda CG125 motorcycle to my knowledge.
It has been designed for the whole world, but has more specific information for the UK where indicated.

It covers all the important things in the Owner's Manual and often in far more detail.
It also covers lots of things not in the Owner's Manual.
I have not put a forum on the website because all Honda CG125 motorbike forums have failed to really work in the past.

I hope you find this website helpful. None of it, including all the servicing needs any skills or expensive tools.
Someone who has never seen or read about motorcycles and has no natural mechanical talent could easily manage it.
The bike was deliberately designed that way including, oil change, spark plug, valve clearance, air filter, chain tension.

This website supports all Honda CG125 models / versions from the original 1976 to the 2008 model.
All around the world from 1976 to 2008 all Honda CG125 used a carburettor and an OHV engine.

Since 2009 all new motorcycles in most countries around the world stopped using OHV engines due to new emission laws.
In most countries they have replaced the Honda CG125 with the Honda CBF125; others use a modern Honda CB125.
But in Brazil they put an OHC engine in to the Honda CG125.
I expect all these Honda air cooled OHC engines since 2009 use the same engine as the CBF125.
To confirm this, please check the engine Bore and Stroke is 52.4 x 57.8mm in the specifications.
This website does not support OHC engines or fuel injection but my other website does (a link to it is at the top of this page).

In 2013 a very few countries still sell any new Honda CG125 with the OHV engine,
Pakistan sell the CG125 and the CG125 Deluxe.
They are a mix of Honda CG125 parts from many years ago
and a few other parts like a 2 piston disc brake on some models (this website does not fully support 2 piston).

In 2004 the Honda CG125 in the UK and Europe had a major model change,
the front drum brake was replaced with a 1 piston disc brake,
it's much more powerful than a drum if you see How to improve the Front Disc Brake.
Honda made several other changes including reducing the strength of the Choke and adding an Air Suction Valve.