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Honda CG125 but also some universal motorcycle information

Honda CG125 Clutch Cable

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If the bike has been used, let it cool down overnight.
It should have 10 to 20mm (20mm recommended)
of free play (slack, before it starts to work)
between the lever tip and the handle bar (use a ruler to measure 3).
If it needs adjustment,
use the adjuster on the clutch lever (behind the rubber cover) to adjust it.
1 is the locknut and needs to be slackened before adjuster will turn,
2 is the adjuster.

If you run out of adjustment at the clutch lever end
you can adjust it at the other end of the cable.

The cable needs to be oiled only when you notice it needs it,
the clutch will feel rough and needs more power to operate it.
Don't be surprised to find that's a very long time away.
You can just replace the whole cable, cheap enough if you do not want to oil the old cable.

To oil the old cable, unscrew the adjuster nut at the clutch lever and remove cable,
put a small hole in a plastic bag and put the hole over the clutch cable,
tie the plastic bag hole end to the outside plastic of the clutch cable with tape to make an oil tight seal,
then hold the bag upright and pour some engine oil in to it.
If possible leave the bag upright all night (tie it to something in the ceiling),
the oil will run down the cable and out the other end, so put something there to absorb it.

Replace the whole cable if oiling does not make it smooth again
or if some of the cable strands have broken
or if it stretches regularly so needs adjustment (that is a sign it is going to fail soon).
To replace the cable,
disconnect it at the handlebar lever and at the other end which is probably on the right hand side of the engine.
Most motorcycle dealers or accessory shops should sell a universal motorcycle clutch cable that will fit,
but if possible I would fit a genuine Honda CG125 one.

If you leave the bike outside all night during the winter, the clutch seal can fail especially with age.
It's a good idea to put a few drops of engine oil under the metal arm (where it goes in to the engine)
that the clutch cable connects to on the engine.
Then pull the clutch lever in a few times to work the oil in to the seal.

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